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Simple Modern Bedroom Bedside Chandelier

Simple Modern Bedroom Bedside Chandelier

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Product information:

Pendant lamp type: all copper/copper pendant lamp
Light source type: incandescent lamp
Lamp body material: copper
Switch type: button type
Adjustable height: 1600 (m)
Overall dimension: 300x30 (mm)
Average service life: 30000 (h)
Voltage: 220V
Color: black
Applicable place: bedroom, restaurant
Exposure area: 3 ㎡ - 5 ㎡
Number of light sources: 1
Lamp type: fishline pendant lamp


With high-quality LED light source, the light is soft, the texture is fine, the light transmission is uniform, and the light sense is mild and comfortable
Metallic luster spinning and polishing, surface brushed texture, real material, solid and durable

Packing list:

A chandelier*1

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