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LED chandelier macaron spotlight

LED chandelier macaron spotlight

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Product diameter: diameter 60mm height 300mm
Installation method: fixed ceiling
Appearance color: black and white, pink, army green
Application space: home, business
Lamp body material: aluminum
Light color: 3000K warm light, 4000K neutral light, 6500K white light
Hanging wire one meter long

Power: 7W white ø60 * 200MM,
7W black ø60 * 200MM,
7W green ø60 * 200MM,
7W pink ø60 * 200MM,
12W white ø60 * 200MM,
12W black ø60 * 200MM,
12W green ø60 * 200MM
12W pink ø60 * 200MM,
15W white ø60 * 300MM
15W black ø60 * 300MM,
15W green ø60 * 300MM,
15W pink ø60 * 300MM

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